Success Story Part 2: Trinity International

Trinity Church International is a family church with a world vision. With active support efforts for over 100 mission works around the world, Trinity’s blessings are far reaching. Located on 40 acres in Palm Beach County, Florida, and home to a full K-12 Christian school, there is always something going on at the trinity campus. Featuring a 1700 seat main sanctuary providing multiple services every week, multi-media systems play a vital role in reaching a diverse audience relevant to today’s technologically savvy society.

In 2007, Director of Media Brock Tibbs, contacted Fowler with a desire to upgrade their existing media systems to take things to the next level. Already on television, the sanctuary lighting systems were inadequate for proper acquisition of a good quality recording. Limitations on camera shots and projection capabilities added to the needs of a media overhaul. Enter Zane Hedger and the Fowler design team.

The Fowler team made the trip to Florida to check out the facility and the existing systems and to meet with Trinity’s crew to discuss the church’s vision and long-term worship goals. This round-table discussion quickly uncovered the need for upgraded camera systems to provide more flexible shots with a major improvement in image quality. Going hand-in-hand with the camera upgrades was the need for a new lighting system capable of supporting the type of image demanded for television and internet distribution, while also providing enhanced atmosphere for the live praise and production events. Finally, the congregation filling the 1700 seats needed to be emotionally reached using clear, vibrant video images capable of showing everything from speaker facial expressions to song lyrics and sermon and scripture notes.

After multiple discussions and plenty of engineering work, the designs were brought to fruition via the Fowler installation team. The overhaul had brought the church the capability to accommodate the regular worship schedules along with concerts, and just about any type of event that needed to be held. Brock quickly received more and more requests to put the new equipment to various uses. The sanctuary is now a full high-definition facility. A mixture of manned and robotic cameras provides enough flexibility for everyday worship or the ability to discretely accommodate weddings. High-definition DLP projectors and plasma monitors are strategically placed to reach every seat in the house. The automated lighting systems allow the “eye-candy” desired for a concert environment, with the simple recall back to the standard worship settings. Maintenance for the projection and lighting systems are a dream come true for Brock. Motorized trussing lowers the fixtures to the floor for easy adjustment or maintenance.

It has been nothing but positive feedback for Brock and the staff at Trinity Church International. Fowler continues to work with the church by providing lifetime technical support on the systems that has always given churches the piece of mind knowing they can get help when they actually need it.

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